How To Record A Phone Call Like A Pro with TheOneSpy

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The search for the best is never-ending. From just a dream to reality and then changing the dimension of that reality, the is basic human psychic. It is simply not like humans to just sit back and enjoy the present moment as it indeed is that future you are working hard for. Thus simple is not satisfying and the search for best goes one.  On the other side, this mere habit of humans is the reason for much-advanced technology and tool.

For example, let me share my personal experience. My wife ask me to find a spy app as she wanted a parental control app for the kids. A colleague recommended me an app and I got it right away without doing my research. Well, that was the worst mistake we got stuck with this app for a long period as we paid a handsome amount for it. But the offered features and services were too bad to even explain. The saturated spy app market makes it very difficult for a layman to find the best app that covers their needs and demands.No no need to be inspired by the free trial period offers or shinning discount deals. You must do your best to find a suitable app before investing your time and money. As in the worst case, you can waste both and be left with tons of regrets and misunderstandings. So all we wanted to know was how to record a phone call like a pro and we got our answer in the end from the TheOneSpy spy app.

Before we get into the details of the feature let me just mention some of the important things that everyone should keep in mind before buying a spy app

  • You should be very clear and precise about your need and demands. You want some basic features for your kid or some advanced feature for employees monitoring better devices before selecting the app.
  • Check and recheck all the terms and conditions and know about any hidden rules and regulations. For example, TheOneSpy offer a refund policy with certain terms and conditions. So in case you change your mind, TheOneSpy has got options for you.
  • Always choose the app that supports two or more systems or platforms. For example Android, Mac Windows etc. As we all know there is a very minor chance that a house or a workplace only use one type of system alone.
  • A pocket-friendly app with efficient features offers is a big yes both for parental control and employee monitoring. So choose wisely.

Now, let’s move to the TheOneSpy and answer of how to record a phone call.TheOneSpy is an app that covers most of the call-related features. For example, talk about call logging, call recording you can do both and much more with the help of the TheOneSpy spy app. The best part is that the app offer services fr android and iPhone both kind of users. So feel free and choose the bundle that fulfil your needs and demands and true the features.

Installement And Features:

The misunderstanding about spy apps like the TheOneSpy is that people think it is very difficult to use the app. Let me make this very clear that it is very easy and simple to use a spy app or a feature like a call recording. All you need to do is select the bundle you want. For example chose the bundle from basic, excitement and standard and then simply follow the steps to instal the app. It is barely a three-step procedure and anyone who is familiar with the smart gadgets can use the app. The installation is a 5-7 minute process depending upon your model and device. Activate the feature that you need the most as the app allows the user to set preferences regarding the offered features.

  • Install the app on your teenager device and know about all the call record
  • You can track any bully and save them from any spam call just with a few clicks by using the call recording features.
  • ‘The feature can also be used as employee monitoring at the workplace. Use the feature in your business or even at a corporate level and have a backup of all the calls at the web portal.

As a cloud-based app, all the recordings are saved in the online dashboard of the app. Only user has access to the web portal thus no need to worry about data safety.


TheOneSpy mobile tracker app allows end-users to listen and record the phone calls of the target device. Spy app offers for parents and employers to up-to-date with target devices. The phone calls are recorded and end-user can listen it from dashboard.The End-user can listen the mobile calls on later if they are busy so this feature is especially for them.

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