How To Embed Instagram Feed On HTML Websites

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Are you looking for a way to embed Instagram feeds on your HTML? If the answer is yes, then voila! you are at the right place.

Embedding Instagram feeds on the website has become a top strategy for most brands and marketers to improve their brand business.

Moreover, a brand’s website is pretty much the face of the brand and gives potential customers an outlook into what the brand is all about. Additionally, it also introduces them to the products and services offered by the brand.

To further improve the overall performance of the website and to make it more impactful, brands have begun to display content from various other sources on the website. Of all the platforms, Instagram has become the most highly used social media platform for brands to showcase a wide variety of diverse content on their website.

If you are new to the concept of embedding Instagram feeds on HTML websites and unaware of the best tools for the process, then continue reading till the end of this post.

Two Efficient Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Your HTML Website

Method 1 – Using A Plugin

The first and easiest way to embed an Instagram feed on your HTML website is to use a plugin for the process. There are various plugin options available online and all you need to do is find the most appropriate option by looking at its features, pricing, etc.


Using a plugin is an extremely easy process and requires the users to simply download/install it, and activate it to make it functional.

However, you need to be sure that the plugin is lightweight and does not affect the speed or performance of the website in any way.

Method 2 – Using A Social Media Aggregation Tool

Secondly, if you do not wish to use the plugin, then you can use a responsive social media aggregation tool for the process.

There are various social media aggregation tools available online and we are going to tell you about the ones that are extremely responsive and complete the process in a few steps.

Mentioned below are a few options that can be a game-changer for your website.

●      Taggbox Widget

First up on the list is the Taggbox widget, a leading social media aggregation tool that enables users to collect and embed social media content from various platforms in a collective way. The Taggbox widget comes with an impressive set of features that can help the users take the Instagram widget to a whole new level.

The tool offers a plethora of customization options to the users for increasing the visual appeal of the widget. Users can select their preferred choice from a wide range of options like themes, templates, fonts, etc. to choose from. The users can also monitor the content of the Instagram widget before making it live on the website. The tool comes with a profanity filter that can be used to remove any unwanted or irrelevant content from the widget.

Other features include detailed insights, automatic instant content updates, and a back support team for assisting users.

●      Instagram Official Embedding Option

Yes, Instagram also gives its users a chance to embed Instagram content on their website directly. The process is super simple and can be completed by simply clicking on the post, selecting embed, and pasting the embed code on the website.

However, the users will not be able to embed multiple feeds at one go. The users can embed only one post at a time using this method, which can be quite time-consuming to complete. You can choose the other options mentioned instead to embed multiple feeds at a time.

●      Tagembed

Tagembed is another great option to embed an Instagram widget on your HTML website. Using this tool, the users can easily collect and embed Instagram feeds on their website in a few easy steps.

Tagembed comes with a variety of additional features to make the widget much more impressive and engaging. The tool offers multiple customization options, a content panel, insightful details like total likes, impressions, clicks, etc., to determine the response of the website visitors. Lastly, the users can also take assistance from the back support team if they come across any issue.

Final thoughts

This brings us to the end of this post and you got to know about the two best methods to embed Instagram feeds on your HTML website.

Both these methods are super easy to use and can complete the needful in a couple of taps and clicks. What are you waiting for now? Begin the process right away and you will surely be amazed at the incredible results!

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