What You Should Eat After Undergoing a Dental Implant?

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If you do not know this, then let me tell you. The best part of having a dental implant is that you can eat all your favorite items without worrying about the pain. Rather, I can say that it is the only solution that helps you to speak, eat, and smile with the same level of confidence as you had with your natural teeth.

The way to a healthy and functional smile is not easy. Because in the initial stages you have to take care of your eating habits the most. Moreover, it is one of the most common questions that people ask. So let us answer you today.


What Should you Eat After Undergoing a Dental Implant?

After the implant is executed and fully functional with your jawbone, you can eat all your favorite food items without any second thought. But, till the time it does not happen, you need to follow a soft dental implant recovery diet for the coming weeks.


What to Eat Day After Implant Surgery?

Right after the execution of the implant surgery, your teeth are the most vulnerable. You almost need to wait an hour to remove the gauge sponges from your teeth. So, it is essential to stick to the dental guidelines.


During the first 24-48 hours of your dental surgery, you only have the access to eat cool liquid food items. Meaning, that only eat cool liquids. But take care that you do not drink these liquids through a straw. Otherwise, the suction can put pressure on the implant site and damage it. Be cautious that you do not drink any alcoholic beverages or smoke.

So, what are these liquids that you can eat? The list of the liquids, that you can eat includes the following-



They are nutritious and full of vitamins. Therefore, their intake will boost your energy level and won’t even harm your surgery.


Cold Soups

Hot beverages are a big no right after the surgery. Therefore, if you want to enjoy soup then have a cold one.



You won’t be able to bite an apple after the surgery. Therefore, applesauce will serve you with all the advantages of an apple, and it is safe for the implant as well.


Other Liquids

Other than these the liquids that you can have include fruit juices and nectars, jelly, pudding, milk, and milkshakes.

What to Eat After a Week of Surgery?

After a week to the first three months of the implant surgery, you can only have a soft food diet. Because during this time you need to give yourself the right amount of time to integrate with the jawbones. Also, at this time you might be wearing a temporary prosthesis, and it is not advisable to chew crunchy or hard food items with them.

The meals that you opt for should be high in proteins and other nutrients. Because a healthy diet will help you in a speedy recovery. The food items that are recommended by the dentist include-


Eggs and omelets

Eggs are the best option to eat because not only they are rich in protein but also soft to chew. In order, to make it a balanced diet, you can add veggies to the omelet.


Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese

Dairy products are an excellent option for your teeth, even when you do not have implant surgery. They are light, easy to digest, very soft to chew, and full of calcium, and protein. Eating dairy products will speed up the recovery process and make the teeth integrate with the jawbone in no time.



When we eat a soft food diet, then the most difficult thing is the lack of variety. No human can eat the same food daily, even if it is tasty. Therefore, potatoes are a great option. Because they are soft and contribute to the formation of multiple different dishes. They can be eaten for weeks after the implant surgery.


Fish, Chicken, and Ground Beef

After the first two weeks of your implant surgery, you can introduce non-veg food items into your diet. But, remember that in non-veg items, you have to choose the soft one. For example- fish, chicken, and beef. Remember to chop them into small pieces because large pieces may be hard to chew. Meat can restore the lost fat from your body.


Other Options

The other food options that you can go with include bananas, peaches, soft bread, pasta, khichri, ice cream, etc.


But, there are many food items that you need to avoid as well.

What to Avoid After an Implant Surgery?

You cannot damage the new implant that you got. Therefore, for the first couple of weeks say a complete no to the following food items-

  1. Crunchy Food
  2. Tough Chewing Food
  3. Chewy Foods
  4. Sticky Foods
  5. Acidic Foods
  6. Spicy Foods
  7. Hot Food and Drinks


Stick to the advised diet plan for great results from the implant surgery.


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