Excavate Viber Vibes With OgyMogy Spy Viber Feature

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Tell me how do you choose an app to use? I mean let’s simply talk about the most frequent apps like social media or instant messenger chat apps. In most cases, this decision is based on personal choices or friends recommendations i.e word of mouth. My friend uses Viber so do I that is a simple answer. When we talk about the instant messenger chat app the thing is we have so many choices that one can choose whatever offer features according to their needs. When I started using Viber, it was because of the needed platform that offer me a community chat option that is the audience not limited to a few people. Similarly features like hidden chat and secret chat attracted me to Viber at that time and I became a regular user.

I still am a Viber user but now things are a little different. Many other platforms offer similar features. Most importantly the extra secrecy and privacy sometimes give me panic attacks when I apply it to my minor kids and teenagers. Those same features that I liked for myself now give me panic when I think what if my kid like these as well. We had such apps so much late in our life and thankfully spent teen time like in real. But these kids are always stuck to the smart gadgets and are always busy chatting. So the curiosity to know about the Viber vibes of my kid’s chatbox made me do a thing. I got the OgyMogy spy app as they offer a spy Viber feature to its users. I will be honest I did not have so many high hopes about the app but once I started using it it was a completely different experience. I am glad I found out about it and I will recommend it to all the parents out there who are worried about the social media lives of their teenagers.

Dive Into The Viber Chat Box:

The app lets the parents get into the Viber chat of the teen. You can read the incoming and outgoing text messages with timestamp information. That means you can know if anyone is texting them late at a night or if they normally spend sleepless nights busy chatting and calling. Users can remotely check all the chat message content of the target. Thus know about your kids Viber vibe without them knowing and monitor their online company and friends. The feature can be used to keep them safe from only online bullies or stalkers. As a parent and adults, we can track any fake person on the friend list much easier and on time. Track any coding language used in the text message and find out what they mean. Don’t allow your kid to use slang or rude words in texting.

The feature can be used to get rid of any social issues faced by your kids as well. For example, you can save them from online fraud or scam messages by having access to the Viber chatbox, Similarly, tell your kid that sexting is bad and that it can put them in danger in so many ways.

Access to The Incoming and Outgoing Call Record:

With remote access to the incoming and outgoing call record, one can know about the phone book activities of the target teen. The app keeps the record of the calls with time and date information. You can know if they are receiving spam calls by an unknown id and take action right away.  Keeping an eye on the call log of the teen lets you know about who they are in contact with frequently and what do you know about them.

Viber Shared Media Notifications:

One of the best and at the same time worst thing about these instant messenger chat apps is that they have made communication so much easy. The OgyMogy spy Viber feature allows the parents to check the media shared through the app. Even if your kid gets rid of the content still, it will be saved by the spy app for the parents.

Keeping an eye on the Viber chat box of the target teen is made so much easy thanks to the OgyMogy spy app.


OgyMogy cellphone tracker app use to spy on social media platforms such as viber spy, snapchat, facebook, instagram and including more social media platforms. The article is discussed on one of the features named Viber spy app, in which spy app provides the facility to track the live activities of viber. The end-user need physical access of the target, which he wants to spy the data. You can say one time access of device and the end user can check the data later on from dashboard. Here include to spy all the activities like, chatting, call recording and more.




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